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RSS Auctions, LLC based in Milford, NH

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Since 2019

Scott Sturk

RSS Auctions, LLC based in Milford, NH and established in 2019 by its founder and lead auctioneer R. Scott Sturk. With 30 years of groundwork exploring the many antique shops, fairs, markets, shows, auctions, and estate sales throughout New England observing the antique & collectible industries’ every ebb & flow to stay current with trends and collectability. Dedication to a client’s satisfaction in the transition of their property is the highest objective for RSS Auctions. Whether it’s one piece, an asset liquidation, or an entire estate providing a professional resource through either live auction, online sale, private sale, estate sale, or buyout alleviating the meticulous landscape of the secondary market. Contact us today for a consultation and discover the integrity you’ll come to trust.


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