RSS Auctions, LLC is always seeking quality consignments. If you have an item(s) you would like evaluated, please contact us for a free consultation. After consultation it will be determined if an item(s) is suitable for resale and how that may be processed.

In today’s environment auctions/sales can be held in many different platforms. This may consist of a live off-site auction, on-site auction, online auction, private sale, estate sale, or buyout. This will be based on the initial consultation and the overall need of the client. Each platform has their own benefits.

Live Auction*

Live auctions are the traditional auction where consignments are offered to live in-person, online, or a hybrid of both in person and online from a property hosted by RSS Auctions, LLC. Each lot is offered and sold to the highest bidder. These sales are typically held in one day.

Online sale*

(not live) The new wave. Online sales can be either offered as an auction style or for immediate sale. Items can remain in their current location. These styles of sales are offered through one or multiple online platforms. These sales are typically held for a minimum of 5 days.

Estate Sale*

A New England tradition. A live on-site sale where items are priced & staged at their current location for immediate purchase to attendees. These sales are typically held over a single or multi-day event.

Buy Out*

A buy out is a single item to an entire estate offered for sale to RSS Auctions, LLC for an agreed upon value. These sales help with time constraints or item(s) that do not fit into another sale category.

Private Sale

A discrete purchase and sale opportunity where a consignment, that the consignor retains, meets a request of a prospective & verified buyer. There is no time frame for this type of sale.

*Times do not include initial preparation of sale or removal of items which can range from several days to weeks or months. Preparation time will be evaluated during consult.


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